Leopard Gecko Substrate

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An important thing to get right for your lizard is finding the right Leopard Gecko substrate. But what is gecko substrate and why is it important? Also, how do you choose the best leopard gecko substrate?

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What is a leopard gecko substrate?

Substrate incorporates an oversized impact on the health and happiness of a Gecko. Picking the best Leopard Gecko substrate is difficult for beginners, therefore it’s best to look into what you are buying and asking professionals for the best possible substrate for your type of reptiles. The is a variety of options for substrate to use in a Leopard Gecko environment that fit their habitat and life-style . Designed for leopard Gecko the typical substrates used are soil sand and grit.

What materials should you use?

The blend of materials is often found within the Leopard Gecko’s natural environment and are therefore better suited than standard substrates. The substrate used for Leopard Gecko should be safe and not emphasis a risk of impaction or bacterial growth, not only will the substrates also will allow them to point off their natural behaviors such as: digging, climbing and creating burrows. These activities help keep the leopard gecko mentally stable as they have fun activities to not be bored.

Newspaper might be a straightforward, cheap and safe leopard gecko substrate. It’s widely used among several ranges of geckos and is particularly handy for juveniles which create lots of waste and have higher risks of impaction as they are known to just be babies. Within the tank it is recommended two layers of newspaper or towel.

A typical misunderstanding about leopard geckos is people tend to put the reptiles in with hot and sandy environments because they are desert animals. This causes for owners to think of putting sand in the Leopard Gecko’s environment creating aspects of danger waiting to happen. This is often found not only wrong, but it is also extremely dangerous to their health.

The substrate found in their atmosphere range is typically hard, clay and gravel covered in a delicate thin layer of sand that is scattered with boulders, shrubs and grasses. Leopard Gecko substrate should mirror their habit they are comfortable in and live in as closely as the owners can get to their original habitat. However, replicating the environment of the Middle East during a terrarium is difficult as this doesn’t always work out with using sand.

When they should be cleaned out and how?

The loose substrate must be replaced fully every 3-4 months using something small to obtain the corners which are getting them clean. When tiles are being used in the tank, remove and wash with hot soapy water, some people also use a steam cleaner.

The importance of a substrate?

Substrate is importance as it is often overlooked in favour of more exciting aesthetic environments and themed decors to match, which are obtainable by dessert animals.

Is loose substrate good for Leopard Geckos?

It can be a controversial issue finding the right substrate, it is recommended to avoid loose substrate as it can cause harm to the reptiles as it can cause internal blockage by being accidentally digested by the reptile but then again it all depends on the substrate that is loose you chose to place your reptile in to have a happy home for themselves.

Best Leopard Gecko Substrate

Jungle Earth

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This product from Amazon is one of the most recommended substance as it is suitable for natural terrarium set-ups and humid loving reptiles that stimulate natural digging behavior in their habitats. This is also recommended as it is affordable and good quality for your Leopard gecko. The box cotains 1 x ex Terra jungle earth 8.8 liters within the order. You can place live plants in this substrate.

Leo’s life

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Each reptile requires a suitable substrate to complete their environment, it is necessary to choose just the right substrate type for your reptiles’ habitat as it could be very harmful for your reptile if you don’t choose the right substrate for them. Each item is very important to their health and wellbeing therefore it’s best to have the substrates balanced for the reptiles. This is recommended as one of the top recommendations on Amazon as it is essential for leopard geckos to help improve their well-being, however you can use other products to do this to, this substrate has been known to be easy to clean.

Earth mixed

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This is the 3rd recommendation as it came up a lot and had good reviews for being easy to clean and to make the reptiles feel just at home and secure. It is also affordable as well as enough for a possible few rounds of usage for cleaning the tank or the environment that you use out for the reptile or leopard gecko.

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