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So, you are interested in getting a Uromastyx? They are a nice and easy first reptile, like the leopard gecko. But how do you choose and set up a Uromastyx tank?

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Does a Uromastyx need a lot of space?

It is important that Uromastyx have a large enough enclosure for them to move about in freely without rubbing their scales off on the sides of their enclosure. They need a lot of room to roam around in, especially when young. If you want your Uromastyx to breed you must provide an environment where both male and female have plenty of room to move around.

Uromastyx are very active and need a lot of space. They need one square foot of floor space for every inch the Uromastyx is long, so if your Uromastyx is 8 inches long it would need an 8 square foot enclosure.

A place for Basking

The Uromastyx will spend most of its time in the warm end of the enclosure basking in the sun light or under a heat lamp to keep warm. The cool end should be provided with a hiding place and if possible some shade from a tree or some other object. This will provide enough temperature gradient for your pet to enjoy itself.

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The habitat should be provided with a large flat rock or piece of bark, which your pet can bask on. The Uromastyx need a lot of rock and bark areas in their enclosure so they can climb on them, especially when they are young.

A Place to Shade

It is important that you provide your pet with an area where it can get out of the direct sunlight. This will allow the Uromastyx to escape the heat and stay cool.

Water Bowl

The Uromastyx will need a water bowl that is big enough for it to soak in. It is important that you change the water every day to keep it fresh and clean for your pet.

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Lizard Substrate

A good substrate for this lizard would be something like sand, bark chips or pebbles to provide hiding places for your pet to hide in. Make sure that you check the substrate that you use is suitable for the Uromastyx.

Uromastyx can be quite shy and they will spend most of the time hiding. They do not like to be handled and are very delicate, so it is important that you handle them as little as possible.

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