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In today’s blog, we take a look at Eco earth – one of our favourite choices for leopard Gecko substrate. So what are the benefits of Eco earth for Leopard Geckos?

Why should Leopard Geckos owners use Eco Earth substrate?

If you are trying to raise the humidity levels within the closure Eco Earth is a brilliant substrate to use. The humidity levels will stay high for a long period of time and the substrate holds water and moisture very well, although a Leopard Gecko doesn’t need high humidity levels.

The fibre is very soft which is great for the Leopard Geckos as they have sticky toe pads causing less damage than other substrates might cause. When water is added to the fibre it expands creating a spongy flooring for the reptiles to walk on as well help regulate humidity levels, however in some cases too much moisture can cause the growth of mould inside the vivarium and can relate to health problems for the reptiles. Eco Earth is fairly expensive, roughly 50% than other substrates. It has been linked to causing respiratory tract infection caused by harmful bacteria, your lizard should then be sent to the vet and put on antibiotics to fight the infection. 

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The amazon product is shown as cheap and affordable for those that can’t afford a very expensive substrate. It naturally absorbs water therefore it easier to clean and makes it suitable for your gecko. It can be recycled for use of plant pot soil and is good for the drainage for the plant pots.

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This product is recommended as it is great for the activities your Gecko loves to do which is burrowing and it can increase the humidity within the enclosure keeping the Leopard Gecko feeling healthy and ecstatic.

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