Leopard Gecko bedding

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Today’s article is all about Leopard gecko bedding. What is the best material to use? And why is bedding so important for leopard geckos?

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Why is bedding important for Leopard Geckos?

Bedding is important for Leopard Gecko as they like to burrow when they sleep and it makes them feel in a safe environment, however not all Leopard Geckos like to hide themself in the warm of their bedding. The Leopard Geckos should be safe and not at risk of impaction or bacterial growth and the best substrates should allow them to still contain their natural behaviours such as: digging, climbing and creating burrows.

What bedding is suitable?

The safest and most recommended bedding to use for Leopard Gecko would be paper towels as it makes it a lot easier for the owner to clean the environment that they are placed in. The most suitable substrate for the Leopard Geckos would be Reptile Carpet as they are soft on the top therefore it doesn’t irritate the Gecko; it cannot be eaten making it a very safe option to go with. The reverse side of the substrate is stiff and absorbent making it ideal for your reptile.  

What bedding should you avoid for your Leopard Gecko?

The bedding you should avoid is wood shavings, wood chips, corn cob, walnut shells and gravel as they can cause some serious risks for the Leopard Geckos such as infections or them to eat by accident and become extremely ill.

The product is specifically for Leopard Geckos and 100% natural bedding is made from blend of earth and sand; it also comes in a recycled bag therefore it’s also environmentally friendly.

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I would recommend this product the most as it the most comfortable as it is just like a small little bed but for your reptile with soft fabrics to keep your Gecko nice and warm. It includes a mat to lay on and pillows to move about to your gecko desired position to get comfortable. It is easy to clean and it even supports washing machine use leaving you very satisfied with the outcome of it still being the same size as before.

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