Albino Leopard Gecko

The rare Albino Leopard Gekko can be recognized by its white skin. It also has spots covering the green base of the lizard completely. The spotted pattern in this species’s skin represents a resemblance to the human fingerprint! An albino leopard gecko gets the prefix “n” for “no colour” since they don’t have any pigments in their skin. It is the lack of pigmentation that gives it the ‘albino’ or white look.

Albino Leopard Gecko Price

Because they are rarer than the regular Leopard Gecko, you might find yourself paying over the odds for an Albino Leopard gecko. Someone was recently quoted $700 although they are anywhere between $400-600 usually. If you are looking to buy an albino leopard gecko then I would recommend going to a proper breeder as they can who you the ropes especially if you are a first time Gecko owner.

Are Albino Leopard Geckos good pets for Beginner Reptile owners?

These lizards are quite docile and do well with handling, making them suitable for beginners. Like all leopard geckos, these are nocturnal and do not need to be kept in bright lighting to remain active. These lizards love to climb, so a good sized enclosure is a must! However, this reptile’s specific diet is strict and you need to know what you are doing regarding feeding your pet. You might find this article on what do leopard geckos eat quite helpful.

The leopard gecko is also known as the leopard cat gecko or spotted cat gecko. They are quite docile and have rarely been known to be aggressive towards their keepers and other animals. Think of the leopard gekco as a cat and you would have the animal’s personality figured out pretty well!

How big do Leopard Geckos get?

They tend to be smaller than other Gekkos, usually reaching no more than five inches in length. However, they can reach up to six inches when fully grown. Most Leopard Geckos get a total length of around six to seven inches and can live for over nine years. They have a slender body and long legs that allow them to move quickly and jump fairly high. They have four toes that allow them to climb very well and a soft body with a long tail that is usually tucked between their legs. Their heads are usually round and their bodies are flat with square-shaped heads and legs. They have a brown to gray coloration with brown to red eyes that look like a cat’s eyes.

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