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Flying Geckos live in trees in Southea Asian rainforests. They playfully and skillfully leap from branch to branch, rather gliding than flying through the air to avoid predators and to find food. If you keep one of these as a pet it’s important to get your flying gecko habitat right.

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To provide enough moisture for your geckos you can mist the enclosure twice a day, however this leads them to lick the water of the glass and foliage in the enclosure, although some people use water bowls for their flying geckos as this is what some reptiles prefer. For their habitat it is recommended to use a magnetic water or feeding ledge. If you live in a very dry country or area it is best to mist more frequently. 

What genders are best to keep together? 

Groups of 1 male and two females or all females work well. If you have got over one male person, they will fight over females. Best to stay them in separate cages. It’s also important that the geckos are of comparable sizes. If one is significantly larger than the opposite, the smaller usually lands up as a snack for the larger. 

Are flying geckos good pets? 

Unlike its cousin the crested gecko, the Ptychozoon homalocephalum is more skittish and doesn’t wish to be handled. It also has thin skin which you ought to watch out to not rip. Nonetheless, the Ptychozoon homalocephalum could be a unique and interesting lizard that creates for a rewarding pet.  Flying geckos are incredibly unique lizards that may make great pets. They’re relatively hassle-free, and rather straightforward to worry about . 

How big should a flying gecko habitat be?

 Your enclosure should be taller than it’s wide with some nice height thereto. One adult can board a 12” x 12” x 24” enclosure for its entire life. However, if you would like to own a few geckos, this is roughly the thank you would want 18” x 18” x 24” this is the minimum size for a pair or trio of flying geckos. You’ll spend longer keeping up the humidity during the ex Terra’s screen being used. 

What do you need for a flying gecko habitat?

Since flying geckos are arboreal, they don’t spend much time on the bottom. To allow the geckos loads of places to climb and conceal you might want to furnish their enclosure with lots of foliage such as live or fake plants and wood to climb on. Also include several ledges and places to cover along the perimeters of the cage so that they have a range to decide on from. While they spend a large amount of your time high off the bottom, flying geckos still require a gradient in their habitat. To form your gradient, you’ll be able to use a basking lamp or heat emitter. 95 degrees Fahrenheit of the enclosure should be warmed up using a basking lamp.

How do you regulate the temperature of a Flying Gecko Habitat?

 Being nocturnal, flying geckos usually sleep within the foliage or other hiding spots during the day and are active in the dark. UVB lighting isn’t necessary for these guys. You’ll want to show any daylight off in the dark. The best thanks to increase the warmth in your enclosure is with a Reptile Basking bulb, black light heat bulb or a heat emitter. You mostly want one side of the tank to be warmer and therefore the other side to be cooler. This fashion your gecko can regulate its own temperature. The recent spot should be between 88-90 degrees Fahrenheit and therefore the cool area no below 76. 

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The Paw hut glass Reptile Terrarium is one of the most recommended tanks for the flying geckos as it is very spacious for the flying gecko to run freely and to possibly have a friend in the habitat with another gecko. It has a secure lock to keep your flying geckos safe from escaping and can have another box added on top to make the tank bigger for your gecko, it has space for a substrate heater to be placed in the habitat. There is a port for feeding the geckos without them escaping, it is also well ventilated through the wired mesh. It is also shown as affordable to buy, and you don’t have to pay out hundreds for a tank. 

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