Flame Crested Gecko

An adult Flame Crested Gecko stains its skin with excreting a million gallons of liquid each year. The gorgeous red-orange pigment was created as a result of its vibrant genetic colouring. The creature’s distinctive bumpy skin creates adorable patterns that the fashion industry adores.

Where do flame crested geckos come from originally?

As one of the oldest species in the world, the flame crested gecko inhabits dry, arid environments. They can also live in caves and crevices in cliffs and hills. Genes control the appearance and chemical balance of flame crested geckos, and scientists are working to understand these genes in order to influence behaviour.

The tail as first line of defence

The flame crested gecko uses its tail as a first line of defense when threatened or frightened. The tail is dangerously venomous and can cause extreme pain and even death when bitten. The creature uses its tail to fend off predators that may threaten its territory. The venom from the tail is quite potent and can cause death from one to two hours after a bite.

A Nocturnal creature

The flame crested gecko is nocturnal, awake and most active at night. They eat mostly insects and other small animals like house mice, lizards and small snakes. The creature undergoes a metamorphosis as it is born from an egg and grows from a worm like form to a mature adult over a period of several months. The hatchling will use its large claws to protect itself from predators as it makes its way to the safety of the surface.

The adults, however, are amazingly elusive and can live several years without showing themselves even to a knowledgeable observer. The flame crested gecko is endangered as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation caused by humans.

Beware – they are easy prey for Dogs and Cats

They often fall victim to domestic cats and dogs that hunt them for food, as well as easily spooked by human presence, who can easily catch them in a trap or netting popular among the reptile trade industry

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