Striped Gargoyle Gecko

The striped Gargoyle gecko originates from the island of New Caledonia, off the coast of Brisbane, Australia. They are becoming increasingly popular as pets because, much like the crested gecko, they are fine with plenty of handling. Today, let’s take a look at the striped gargoyle gecko in more detail.

Striped Gargoyle Gecko Size and Appearance

The striped gargoyle gecko is a medium-sized gecko, with adults reaching up to 8 inches long. Males are typically smaller than females. They have a long tail, with an extra crest of skin running down its length. Their body is gray-brown with yellowish stripes and black spots. The tips of their toes are covered in tiny white dots for gripping surfaces securely.

They can see in the Dark!

The striped gargoyle gecko does not have eyelids like humans do, but instead has a transparent membrane that covers their eyes. This helps them to see better in the dark, which they prefer over direct sunlight.


Geckos are nocturnal creatures, meaning they are most active at night. The striped gargoyle gecko is no exception, being most active at night. They hide during the day, and are most often found in trees or caves.

What do Striped Gargoyle Geckos eat?

The striped gargoyle gecko is a carnivorous creature, meaning it only eats meat. It eats insects and other small creatures like spiders and millipedes. They will also eat plant matter from time to time, but it is not their main source of food.

Sticky Pads for Climbing

Geckos have sticky pads on the bottom of their feet that allow them to climb up smooth walls and ceilings with ease. This makes them a popular pet for people who like reptiles but don’t enjoy cleaning cages very much! Striped gargoyle

They lay eggs instead of having live birth

Striped gargoyle geckos are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs instead of giving live birth. They lay two to four eggs in a clutch, and the eggs will hatch after one to three months.

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