Crested Gecko Starter Kit

If you are new to the world of reptile and gecko ownership then crested geckos are a great first reptile pet. It’s a good idea to get a crested gecko started kit to first get set up. We found this great crested gecko starter kit on Amazon. It has the basic necessities that you need to house your crestie, and you can expand on the enclosure and build up your accessories as you go.

Crested Gecko starter kit on Amazon

This crested gecko starter kit contains:

  • Vivarium tank – not massive, but big enough to start out.
  • Two vines, a big one and a small one – these decorate your tank and also are good for your gecko to rub against when he is shedding his skin.
  • Two fake hanging plants that have suction cups to secure to the vivarium walls – to decorate your geckos tank and replicate his natural environment.
  • Crested gecko heat mat – to keep his temperature warm.
  • Jungle earth crested gecko substrate – to line the tanks floor.
  • Thermometer and humidity guage – to monitor the temperature and humidity of your geckos tank.
  • Spray bottle – for daily misting (twice a day to keep humidity up).

It’s excellent value and has almost everything that you need to start out as a crestie owner.

What other costs do I need to factor in?

The kit does not include your gecko! The price of a good crested gecko could be anything from £35 to a few hundred pounds depending on the breeder. You also need to factor in the cost of food which is not included. Crested geckos should have a mixture of powdered food and live food (such as crickets, mealworms, roaches and waxworms).

Upgrading your starter kit

As you become a more experienced gecko owner, there are certain things that you may like to do to build on or expand on the initial crested gecko starter kit…

  • Lighting to compliment the head pad and keep his temperature correct
  • Automatic mister – to avoid having to spray them twice a day and to automate spraying so that you never forget
  • A larger tank for your crestie.
  • Additional plants, vines and bark.

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