Can crested geckos eat mealworms?

Many reptile owners often ask ‘Can crested geckos eat mealworms?’ Let’s take a look at the crested gecko diet and whether to include mealworms for your pet crested gecko.

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Can crested geckos eat mealworms? Yes!

Yes they can eat mealworms and they do like them. However, they are high in protein and so they are only suitable as a treat once in a while. They shouldn’t make up the majority of your crested geckos diet.

Live or dead mealworms for my crested gecko?

If you really don’t like feeding live mealworms to your crested gecko, you can feed them dried mealworms – ideally dusted in a calcium powder or ground and mixed with calcium powder. However, it is better to feed them live mealworms if you can. Regarding the size of the mealworms that you feed to your crested gecko, the general rule is that the live mealworms should never be larger than the distance between the Crested Geckos eyes. The same rule applies to crickets (source:

You can actually order both dried and live mealworms on amazon and get them delivered directly to your front door! We have previously used livefoods4u.

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They love Dubia Roaches!

The best live food to feed your crested gecko is Dubia roaches. These should make up the majority of their staple diet.

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Other foods to offer your crested gecko

You can also offer your crested gecko live crickets, waxworms and silkworms. As adults, you should be feeding your crested gecko around three times a week. Additionally, remember to always keep your geckos tank clean and keep his water source topped up.

What about you – what do you feed your crested gecko? Share your ideas below by commenting on my blog.

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